[Al-Quran 50:6-8] Have they not looked at the heaven above them - how We structured it and adorned it and how it has no rifts? And the earth - We spread it out and cast therein firmly set mountains and made grow therein [something] of every beautiful kind, Giving insight and a reminder for every servant who turns [to Allah].

Monday, May 12, 2014

Until The Camel Passes Through The Eye Of The Needle

The Holy Quran, Chapter:7 Verse:40

إِنَّ الَّذِينَ كَذَّبُوا بِآيَاتِنَا وَاسْتَكْبَرُوا عَنْهَا لَا تُفَتَّحُ لَهُمْ أَبْوَابُ السَّمَاءِ وَلَا يَدْخُلُونَ الْجَنَّةَ حَتَّىٰ يَلِجَ الْجَمَلُ فِي سَمِّ الْخِيَاطِ ۚ وَكَذَ‌ٰلِكَ نَجْزِي الْمُجْرِمِينَ

Shakir: Surely (as for) those who reject Our communications and turn away from them haughtily, the doors of heaven shall not be opened for them, nor shall they enter the garden until the camel pass through the eye of the needle; and thus do We reward the guilty. 

The Holy Quran, Chapter:78 Verses:22-23

  لِّلطَّاغِينَ مَآبًا
لَّابِثِينَ فِيهَا أَحْقَابً

Shakir: A place of resort for the inordinate, Living therein for ages


A future event, generally understood by translators as an impossibility, something that will never happen, is the mention of The Camel passing through the eye of the needle. Why would an impossible event be mentioned in the Quran, when it could simply have been stated that it will never happen? Perhaps, in some very distant future, the camel may reduce in size and become tiny enough to pass through the eye of the needle! 

Evolution and Devolution
Similar to the Big Bang and Big Crunch theory in Cosmology, biologists study the theories of Evolution and Devolution. Big Bang tries to theorize the beginning of the Universe, and Evolution theorizes about the beginning of living things. Similarly, Big Crunch is a theory about how the expansion of the Universe will halt, and then contraction will begin, leading to a return to the singularity from which the Big Bang started. Similarly, Devolution is about species reverting to their earlier forms.
Considering the reversibility of the Arrow of Time according to the fundamental Laws of Physics, it is postulated that[1] ‘if someone knew the paths of all the particles in the universe and flipped them around, energy would accumulate rather than disperse: Tepid coffee would spontaneously heat up, buildings would rise from their rubble and sunlight would slink back into the sun.’
According to Wikipedia[2], the earliest known camel was about the size of a rabbit. Over time, it has evolved in height. Non-conclusive evidence for devolution has been observed in Seattle fish and reported in National Geographic[3].
Reversibility of creation, both living and non-living is not an impossibility rather plausible. In Quran(36:68), we read that: And he to whom We grant long life We reverse in creation; so will they not understand?[4]

Perhaps the Hereafter is also not eternal, and will eventually come to an end or change. An interesting point to note is that the word ‘khaliduna’, generally translated as eternal or forever, has been used for the length of time that humans will abide in the Garden or the Fire. The same word has not been used anywhere in relation to God, who we believe is eternal, i.e. without beginning and without end.  For God, the only word implying eternal that has been used is ‘as-Samad’ which has been used only once and exclusively for God in the Qur’an 112:2

[1] Time’s Arrow Traced to Quantum Source By : Natalie Wolchover April 1 6, 2014, Quanta Magazine, Simonsfoundation.org
[4] Translation by Sahih International 

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